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Priddy Ugly hauls other SA rappers again – “Fellows are terrified”



Priddy Ugly hauls other SA rappers again – “Fellows are terrified”
Priddy Ugly hauls other SA rappers again – "Fellows are terrified" Mp3gist ZA
Priddy Ugly at long last responds to guarantee that the diss track off his collection was against A-Reece and a couple of top SA rappers.

Following the arrival of the collection, Reece moved via online media as many expected Priddy savaged him gravely on the track.

“I’m a grown man. I don’t seek validation from any of these artists, and none of them are my friends like that. But with that being said, I still encourage camaraderie. I don’t mean we must disrespect each other,” he said.

He further said the quintessence of the collection was to close mouths of the individuals who said he has helpless stream.

“This is hip hop. I’m not saying anything about your family. I’m just saying a lot of people had the narrative that I can’t rap. And I thought, let’s prove to these people that I can. Also, let me rap against the people that they hold in high regard,” said the rapper.

“I just wanted to put pressure on dudes to rap more. The narrative of hip hop is dead can’t be there if artists are dropping music. DJs don’t have hip hop songs to play and podcasts don’t have them to speak about,” he said.

Priddy Ugly says A-Reece, Terrible C and different rappers who fans thought he dissed are yet to react to him since they are frightened.

“I feel like dudes are scared. Like I was saying, rappers have lost their confidence. So me in saying let’s rap, I’m saying step out of that little corner you’re in with your tail tucked in and be the bulldog I feel like you are.”